The Brief

Steve already had this website, developed by his previous web developer but unfortunately his developer was unreliable and difficult to get hold of so Steve reached out to us and of course we wanted to help.  

Steve was happy with his website but was looking for some improvements to streamline the visitors journey on the site to get him more phone calls and help him land more work.

Our Approach

As always we ask a tonne of questions to try and understand as much as possible about Steve’s business how he works, what he uses the website for, what other marketing methods he uses so we can help him.  We always look to satisfy what somebody wants but also we look for suggestions we can make that the client might not have thought about.

In Steve’s case this was just some changes to the online forms his customers fill in when making contact and few tweaks to the page layout.

The Results

We were happy to help and migrate Steve’s site across to our hosting and care package.

Steve now sleeps easy knowing we are looking after his website and if he needs us we answer the phone and respond quickly to his requests.

Since moving across we’ve also helped Steve with a pay per click campaign to compare the results he was getting to other marketing strategies using

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