Charity website for Volunteering Kirklees

The Brief

Volunteering Kirklees set us a fantastic challenge to create a platform that allowed all the local charitable organisations to post their own volunteering opportunities whilst tracking the KPI’s and metrics defined by the local authority that funded their project.  


Our Approach

The requirements gathering workshops soon highlighted the extent of manual steps being carried out.  This was music to our ears as we soon began to realise the amount we could enhance the project goals to deliver not only the original requirement but a host of automation, to reduce the time being spent by the team.  The Volunteering Kirklees team were receiving multiple volunteering opportunity briefs, all in different formats, that needed re-keying on to their old website.  Metrics and statistics were near impossible to accurately gather and sharing the opportunities to their email newsletter and social media was also very manual.

The Results

Since the website launch the local charitable organisations have all been posting all their volunteering opportunities on the site.  Volunteers across the region have been applying online and Volunteering Kirklees are delighted that the first month’s website visits are at about the same level as the quarterly visits on the old site!

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