Online Training Portal Website

The Brief

Following the successful delivery of NAC’s appliance repair training website ( Project Link ), COVID-19 lockdown began, meaning the engineers couldn’t visit the national training centre in Wakefield.  NAC approached us again to explore creating a online training portal so training could continue, online from home.

Our Approach

In our initial requirements gathering workshop we understood the scope of training but also the requirements around testing the students and issuing certification.  The planned courses were CPD accredited so needed to meet the guidelines before an official CPD accredited certificate could be issued.  The online courses needed to be paid for online and tests added to each course that had a pass rate before completion and certificates issued.

The Results

The website launched successfully thanks to the hard work of our team but not forgetting all the hard work from NAC too! NAC created the content for all the online courses.  This project is a great example of how we can use websites to adapt to changing situations, continuing training revenue for NAC through a difficult time when physical training couldn’t take place.

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