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The Brief

To Support Simon’s users of our other software creation we were asked by Simon to create a paid membership website that contains all the content and videos to support the use of the 6-clicks software.

The solution needed to manage user logins linked to a payment integration where access to the site was only permissible with an active paid subscription.

Our Approach

Following our work with Simon on the previous project we had a good idea what would help him save time and support his users.

This project was actually born from our recommendations to Simon on how he could save himself time and support his users better.  He was finding himself constantly on the phone showing everyone individually how to use elements of the software.

We prototyped a mock up to show Simon how a training website could take this work away from him.

The Results

The result is over 20 video training lessons made up of many hours of content that Simon has produced.  Accessible now to his paying members only and guiding his students through the entire process without him having to pick up his phone.

*Due to this being a paid membership website solution only the landing page will be visible, please contact us if you would like a demo of this software to understand the capabilities of the solutions we can provide.

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