mahina mattress project by solutionise group

The Brief

Phil and Rick contacted Solutionise Group with their new startup project to sell a mattress in a box and go up against other brands in this space such as  Simba, Casper, Leesa Sleep and Eve.

Our Approach

Our first step was our kick off meeting where we dive in and want to learn as much about the business as possible.  We dived in to who their potential customers were going to be, where we’d find them.  We wanted to know who the competitors were and what they liked and disliked about their website.

The Results

One of the guys main objectives was a simple customer journey.  They wanted to make it as simple as possible for a customer to buy their product.  Essentially they only had 1 product, the mattress, it was available in different sizes but it was all about the mattress.  We focussed on this stripping many steps out of the shop and cart pages to allow the purchase and customer journey to be slick and quick

*unfortunately we’ve recently been informed by Phil that they’ve decided to close the business.  Unfortunately the competition won the fight with much bigger advertising budgets but Phil commented that the website was one of the successes in their startup.  – Project site link now links to an earlier development copy of the site.

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