The Brief

Luke at Farnham Appliance Care was referred to us by Advertwise.co.uk.

Luke had recently set up the business and needed both a website and serious traffic quickly.  Advertwise were happy to manage their ads but they needed an optimised website to send that traffic to.

They wanted people in the area they serviced that had an appliance breakdown to call them. 

Our Approach

For this project we sat down with both Luke from Farnham Appliance Care and also Adrian from Advertwise to get the complete understanding of both the website requirements and the PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic strategy.

The strategy influenced the design of this site.  We needed the message seen by a customer to be specific to what they had searched for to remove any confusion and reduce the risk they would click off the site.

Converting the visitor to a customer is very important when paying for clicks in a niche where the cost of a single click is £7+

A targeted page for each appliance breakdown was required and the adverts are targeted to each page depending on what the customer searches for. 

The Results

Luke has seen improvements in his cost per conversion and is now looking to take on more engineers to join the team.

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