e-volveagent website project

The Brief

We really liked the brief from Simon as it started:

“I’ve spoken to some developers but they say this can’t be done…”

It was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and we began work to understand exactly what he wanted.

Simon wanted to create a marketing system for estate agents by searching and collating various information from different parts of the Rightmove website in to a database that agents could use.

The system was to automate marketing by containing template letter templates that agents could adapt.  The letters would then be automatically sent out to prospects at key trigger points such as when they had reduced their property. 

Our Approach

The more complexed the project the more time we needed to spend going through the requirements.  We sometimes just find it easier to take on the mindset of 2 year old and keep asking “Why?” Why?” Why?” Why?”  as we drill down to understand the reason for every element of the site requirements.

As we start to understand the Why we then begin with the “What if…?” until we have everything understood.  Then we can do what we do best and ask those “Have you thought about….?” questions.

We love seeing those lightbulb moments when we realise that now we are adding value, ideas and inspiration to create a solution that exceeds what the client even thought possible.

The Results

Simon is continuing to sell his marketing software to more and more agents throughout the UK.  E-volve Agent Software continues to “evolve” as they listen to the feedback from the agents now using the software and have returned to us again and again for improvements and enhancements to the software.

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