The Brief

Simon is a property investor that buys and flips properties on to other investors.  

Simon used a virtual assistant to generate his leads from the Zoopla website and a series of Google Sheets and Google Docs to do everything from tracking to legal documents.

The brief was to create a system that does everything from finding the leads automatically on Zoopla to calculating offer prices and creating and emailing legal documents.

Our Approach

Solutionise Group had to work with Simon to understand his entire end to end process.  We needed to understand the variations of BMV (Below Market Value) offers and Rent2Buy offers.  We had to have an understanding of the legal processes and implications.

With such a complexed process we wanted to be sure we understood the requirements completely before we began work.  We did this by presenting back to Simon our understanding of his entire business process followed by exactly how we understood the software needed to work.

It was only at this point we were happy to write our first lines of code.

The Results

The major benefit of this software solution was the time it saved Simon.  The automation and tracking the software now provides has cut endless hours from Simons week compared to his previous more manual solution.

We have worked with Simon to allow the software to be used by others now so Simon can take his passion and teach others how to run a property flipping business and earn a revenue from others using the software.

*Due to this being a paid membership software solution only the landing page will be visible, please contact us if you would like a demo of this software to understand the capabilities of the solutions we can provide.
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