Building Trust Between Your Brand And Consumers

According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, only about 46% of consumers trust the brands they interact with. 

What’s more, more than 35% of consumers rank trust as one of the top three factors influencing their decisions to interact and purchase from a brand. 

In other words, trust is one of the most critical factors that brands must overcome if they want to be successful in today’s marketplace. 

That said, how can you build trust between your brand and consumers? 

Let’s take a look! 

Build On Your Brand’s Value Proposition

Your brand’s value proposition is your brand identity. 

In other words, your value proposition is how consumers see your brand and what you have to offer. 

That’s why your brand’s value proposition is one of the first things you should take the time to establish before launching. 

Essentially, your value proposition is what you promise to deliver to your target audience. 

Therefore, you must take the time to understand how your products or services will meet your audience’s demands. 

A great example of a compelling value proposition is the loyalty points programs offered by many larger companies. This shows the consumer that the brand is aware of their loyalty and wants to reward them for it! 

Once you’ve narrowed down your value proposition, you should routinely re-evaluate it and optimise it to ensure that it continues to offer as much value as possible. 

Offer Informative And Valuable Content 

To build trust, you should also create content that offers invaluable information to your audience. 

This can be in blog posts, social posts, emails, podcasts, videos, etc. 

Like your value proposition, the idea here is to offer information that answers questions and solves your target audience’s problems. 

In turn, this helps establish your brand as a worthy expert on specific topics, which is practically guaranteed to build trust and rapport with your audience. 

Just make sure that any content you create is watermarked with your brand’s logo, business card, website, and email address so that they’ll associate your name with the information being presented. 

Be Authentic And Transparent

Like social proof, you also want to be as authentic and transparent as possible with your target audience. 

Nobody will ever buy from a brand that hides behind a website without offering any insight into who they genuinely are. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to offer as much information about your brand as possible. 

It would be best if you always made it easy for the consumer to learn about your brand, where you came from, how long you’ve been in business, and what you have to offer.

Even if you’re a new brand, this lets consumers know that you’re not trying to hide anything, which will increase the chances of them trusting you.  

Online Reviews And Social Proof

There’s almost no better way to build trust in today’s world than by getting positive online reviews from your existing customers. 

In essence, online reviews and social proof allow your existing customers to market your brand to future customers. 

Because consumers are already suspicious of new brands hitting the market, social proof is a way of telling them that, yes, this brand is trusted by other people, and yes, they are safe to buy from. 

Building A Trustworthy Brand 2021

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to simply put together an online store and hope people are going to buy from you. 

Consumers are leerier than ever before about brands who hide behind their websites. 

Therefore, if you want consumers to trust you, first and foremost, you need to have a clear and concise value proposition. 

You also need to offer valuable content that will solve their problems and answer their questions, establishing you as a trusted and reliable source. 

And finally, you should be as authentic and as transparent as possible, which will enable you to build positive online reviews and social proofs that will have your customers promoting your brand for you! 

Author: Kenny Patton

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