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4 Tips to Increase Your Business’s Online Visibility

The Internet presents endless and great opportunities for businesses of any size or stage of growth. The Internet allows you to precisely target customers and enables you to seek feedback on your campaigns and improve or change them in real … Read More

social media

Cheat Sheet: Social Media for Business

Many people waste their time on social media; however, social media networks are an extremely productive use of time for businesses. It’s no exaggeration that everyone is on social media today. Since people tend to scroll and explore its depths, … Read More

benefits of a business blog

What is a Business Blog, and How Your Business Can Benefit from It

As a small business owner, you have endless concerns and aspects of your business to focus on each day. Managing employees, finances, product development and more might cause you to overlook a strong tool for your marketing strategy: a blog. … Read More

What's the difference between UX and UI

What’s the Difference Between UX and UI?

            In this tech-driven world, where your business’s online presence has become increasingly important, you will often hear talk of user experience quality or the user interface of a website. If you’re in the process of creating your first website, … Read More

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Why Website Design is So Important in Your Marketing Strategy

For a small business, designing or redesigning your website can be exciting and a bit stressful. In a digital age, your website will most likely be anyone’s first impression of your business, so it’s critical that it looks good, functions … Read More

6 Benefits of Cloud Software For Small Businesses

From sales to marketing to branding to data security, small business owners wear a multitude of hats. Keeping all those irons in the fire makes it necessary to streamline as many of your operations, actions, and procedures as possible. Working … Read More

Great FREE Small Business Software

Small Business software doesn’t have to cost the earth, today we are showing you one of the fantastic free “support ticket” systems available.

3 Simple Ways To Leverage The Power of Social Media For Your Small Business

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, social media is a powerful tool for small business owners. The following strategies will help you harness the popularity of social media for the growth and development of your small business. Choose … Read More

New Business External Recruitment Hire Us for Website

We were very pleased to help out Cristina at External Recruitment launch her first Website External Recruitment website is based on a WordPress back end with attractive theme that allows the team at External Recruitment the ability to update the … Read More

Autotech Garage hire us for website facelift

Stewart over at Autotech,, hired us to give his existing website an overhaul and facelift. Stewart has reported since the new site went live with the addition of contact forms for messages and quotes his garage is noticeably busier which is … Read More